Our best features and focus can be summarized in a newspaper article from the Edwardsville Intelligencer:
Our Early Years (with help from the kids)

"The construction company began in 1979 in the middle of a stagnant housing market and has been going strong since. [Martin] Kottwitz also said that unlike most other construction businesses, he and Reising are on site at all times for their clients... We try to make every project a lot of fun, whether we are remodeling or building.  Both tend to be big, investment-wise, and we want it to be a fun and enjoyable experience for our customers..."

"We're a small business.  We don't build hundreds of homes a year, but we like that.  By focusing on a few homes a year we can take really good care of our customers and their needs.  We take pride in what we do, whether it's building a million dollar home or repairing a deck.  We're proud of our company."

--Jacki Billings, The Edwardsville Intelligencer, October 31, 2008